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Hello all...

I am trying to get the club i work at to purchase a APC40 for me to use with the lighting program. I borrowed a buddies to show them excactly how it works. I read up on a few threads and thought that it would be a pretty straight forward thing.... finding out its not...

While having the program closed I hooked up the APC40 to the computer and powered on. Then after the computer says that the device is ready to use... i opened COMPU 2006. I was able to open up the console window and get the APC40 view, and the functions to map to the on screen version of the APC40, however, i am unable to map the functions to the unit itself.... any pointers would be appreciated.


Kevin Brown
Chicago, IL
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To get the APC40 to work, you must map all of your buttons to their respective MIDI commands.

To do this, open your console window.
1) Right-click the button you need to program.
2) Click the Console Setup tab
3) Click Auto Setup MIDI
4) Press the physical button on the APC40

This must be done for each button on the APC40

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