Could you please give a help ?

Need to get in emergency the xml profile for Chauvet ColorDash Par Hex 12 (12 channels mode)

The last version of emulation doesn't have it listed.

Thanks a lot
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Thanks a lot to work on it so fast, profiles installed. Up and running !

I'll try them tomorrow on the lights.

You saved my day ! Thanks !

Hello there,

I'm experiencing strange delay problems with those fixtures.

Chauvet ColorDash Par Hex 12 (12 channels mode)

I'm using them on emulation with a midicon and I can't get the fixtures to react fast. It's like it needs 2 to 3 seconds to react.

Also tried without Midicon, same problem.

No delay on faders or what so ever.

I tried on Mac Book Pro 1.3.97 and PC version 1.3.96, same problem.

If my lighting provider uses his Chamsys, no problem.

I don't really get it.

Would you have any piece of advice ?


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