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Hey everyone is it possible to control CoeMar moving heads and Elation Moving heads on the same control. I just bought 4 focus spot 250r and i want to control them from the same control thtat i use for my COeMars. Is this possible. If yes can someone tell me how? I gratly appreciate your time for reading this.......
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So i went out and bought the Compu 1024EC program, the programs is great, however i am having a little problem. My Focus Spots 250 move extremely slow. The Coemars are not as bright as they are suppose to be (they move good though). The manual doesn't give much help. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem. I have them set as 1,17,33,49,65> (thesse are the channels for the coemars) then the focus spot 250 continue as : 81,92,103,114. Am i seeting the channels wrong. Please help if you can.
When you say your focus spots move slow, are you refering to the preset movements of the compu?
Say for example the circle moves slow?
If so, have you adjusted the speed fader to see if it speeds up?

With the Coemars, you need to see if both the dimmer channel and the shutter channel are 100%.
Click on the Center button for that fixture and then from the drop down menu choose button then edit.
look for the dimmer and shutter channels and see if they are 100% if not make them 100% then close the window and save the changes.
If they are already 100% then that's as bright as those fixtures will be. close the window, but do not save the changes.

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No, all the preset movements on all those switches (i think thats what they're called)have been set to go as fast as they can, but the focus spot still moves slow. When i activate the Circle Swtich, The coemars move fast, but the focus spot move slow and i moved the speed on the bottom of the circle switch to as high as it goes for both pages. Even when i use my mouse to move them, the focus spot still rspond a lil slow, the move faster with the mouse but not as fast as they suppose to. Help?
hey. have you tried getting rid of the pan and tilt preset speed in the 3D visualiser. here is a picture. if u notice the time and the arrow boxes that i highlighted you can use the arrow buttons to adjust the speed. i always turn these off. to get into to this mode on the 3D click on the hardhat. it is called construction mode.

let me know if you need any help. sincerely,

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