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I purchased a Compu 1024ec (blue dongle) in 2005 for use at a private k-12 school. We used the device several times successfully, but it hasn't been used in over two years.

Our fine arts department recently purchased some new intelligent fixtures for an upcoming play. When we tried to install and program the controller, we can't get it to respond.

The driver was installed on a 32-bit Windows XP box along with the CompuLive software (no install disc, everything is the most current version available on the site).

After installation, I connected the USB cable to the dongle, Windows recognized it and selected the correct driver. My fixtures also immediately recognized a DMX signal (Elation Opti Tri Pars and ADJ LED Par 64's - both have DMX signal indicators).

If there was a prompt to restart Windows, I did (don't recall if I was prompted). I started CompuLive and verified universe 1 was patched to the USB dongle, it was. I then added my fixtures/profiles from the updated scanlibrary database.

When I added the fixtures, I should have seen confirmation that the fixtures were receiving the correct signal, but they didn't respond (Tri Pars on 4-ch mode, addressed 001, 005, 009, and 013, P64's on 6-ch mode addressed 017, 023, 029, and 035). Additionally, the LED display on the dongle never changed from OF. IIRC, this should have changed to 01 when CompuLive was started. Restarting the OS did not resolve the issue.

Any way to make sure the driver is installed correctly or troubleshoot the devices recognition in CompuLive?

Thanks for any help anyone can lend...
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