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I have installed Compu Live on a few of our computers as they are adopted by the sound booth and have never had a problem. Today I tried installing the program on a Gateway Laptop running XP and had an issue. The program loads fine...even shows the USB doggle serial number. Then the program "dings" and the start up "Elation" window shows up and won't go away. I have uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times.

Any ideas?
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I don't have an answer for you. I am new to this type of lighting control. I can't find out how to get started with the basic programing for 15 par cans, 3 RGB and 2 Elliosodials. Help.
I also receive a message about a faital error.

A second install have a problem with a flickering Pro Bar. It seems to destroy the bulbs.
Any recommendations?
when its a new install and you have all the demo pages still on it.
The 3D window will always open up automatically because its in Demo mode.
you need to delete all the Demo pages. this will stop 3d window from opening automatically.

Jingles is your man to get started on the basic programming. send him an e-mail.

Pro Bar flickering.. I would call our customer support department.
323-213-4593. sounds like a tech issue with the bar, not with the software.
How much wattage are you putting per channel?
July 14, 2008


I am sending this to 3 or 4 people I hope can help.
I have installed a lighting system utilizing the following components:
1. – Acclaim s-fade6 at the entrance door
2. – Elation Compu -1024c
3. – an A-B switch
4. – Elation RMD620 Arc dimmer for house lights
5. – 6 Elation Pro Bar 4 – for an assortment of pars and ellipsoidals.
6. – 3 Elation RGB LED at various points in the path - They are addressed as 101, 108, 115

When the x-fade is operational it controls more than the RMD 620. I’ve tried to re-program the x-fade to no avail. The RGBs are doing their own thing.

I have not been able to go back and double check the addresses on the RGB because I don’t have a lift.

Any advice?
Ron Nichols
So the house dimmer is tied into the same line as the rest of the lights, and you have both the x-fade and compu controlling them with an a/b switch?

You are saying all the lights work ok when controlling with compu, but when you switch it to the x-fade the leds go nuts? If so, they are probably losing dmx since the x-fade is only 6 channels. The only option you have is to set the leds so that when they lose dmx they do not go to auto mode.

Finally, you can also add a wall panel from the compu box with 8 scenes using easy stand alone. When you start the software, the box will be inactive. This isnt talked about and alot of people dont know it, but if you want to know how to do it, let me know.
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Thanks... Now on the subject of the wall controller using the Compu Box. Why doesnt Elation release a simple push button controller to work with this system? I think this would be a HUGE hit with churches who have there house lighting tied into Compu.

Sure you can make your own for 20 bucks, but it seems like Elation could make one and slap there name on it to help people who do not know how, or that its even possible to do it.

I have done it in 2 churches, and it works great.

Why would he buy another $500 external controller when he has an x-fade already? His post was originally about the led cans losing dmx and going to auto mode when he switched to the x-fade system. He could solve this by turning off the auto feature, but he doesnt have easy acess to them.

I dont understand why you would spend that much when you can build the wall controller for the stand alone box for less than $50 with just basic electronic skills. Plugging the wall controller into the Compu Box works soo much better than an actual wall mount dmx controller.
Thats a good question.

Here is what Partime has going on.
A system consiting of house lights which are only a few DMX channels..6 I believe to be exact.

When Compu is on everything is great.. That's because his LED par cans are recieving DMX..

When he switches to the simple X-fade, it is only activating 6 channels..The LED pars lose DMX and go into sound active mode.

Using an AR 32 system will activate all 512 dmx channels.
The problem is he bought the wrong controller for the Job. I'm simply recommending the correct controller for the Job.
I didn't recommend him buying the X-fade.

When he programs his 8 house presets, the AR 32 will still send signal to the LED pars and he wont have the issue of them going into stand alone.

Make sense?
I understand what his problem was and I understand what you are saying. Yes, he did buy the incorrect wall controller for the job, but I seriously doubt he wants to drop another $500 dollars and be stuck with the x-fade still. That is why I recommend he build his own switch panel to work with the Easy Stand Alone box. Like I said it cost under $50, and can be put together in about an hour and works great!
I found what I believe John is talking about.

It is the same list price that he stated. It does look nice but its still overkill from what I am talking about. It is a self contained wall mount DMX controller much like the AR-32. It can be programmed with the Easy Stand Alone software, and act as a dmx usb dongle for Sunlite/Compu. So basically it is like an Easy Stand Alone box in a fancy touch panel for the wall.

I dont think you guys understand what I am talking about. I do not want a separate full dmx wall station, I want a simple push button station that will plug into to 8 momentary contacts on the Easy Stand Alone box, something that small churches can afford.

Here is a picture of the one I made, and an link of one made by Lightronics.


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