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Well, I've just recently bought my DMX Controller, But I would like to know how I would hook it into my computer so I can run it from there. As in, What other items I may need (Product wise).

Another question is sort of a dumb one.. If I have this hooked into my laptop persay, And I plugged my controller into my computer while I am at the gig or event, Is it still possible to move the lights and do different things using the computer?

Just one more and I shall leave you be. :P
Once all of THAT is set up, and the above questions goes in my favor.. Is it then possible to switch from controlling the lights by computer, Back to doing whatever it is that I have programmed into the controller?

Thank you for reading!

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As far as computers are concerned, there are generally two fronts. The first is the ability to run your lights entirely from a software-based controller (like CompuWare), connected to a USB widget/dongle to send the DMX signal to your fixtures.

The second one is the ability to trigger your regular DMX controller/console trough the use of MIDI triggers from a computer. In this situation, everything is programmed into the controller just like you would do for normal operation via the buttons/faders on the actual controller. Then, you send MIDI commands from a computer through the MIDI input jack in the back of the controller (assuming it is a MIDI-enabled controller in the first place) to trigger the appropriate scenes, chases, show steps, etc.

In addition, some controllers have an RS232 jack on the back, or even a connection that would go to a computer monitor. All in all, these functions are limited in their abilities (at least in DMX consoles in this neck of the woods) . An RS232 connection is useful for connecting to a computer to update a controller's internal software/firmware or even to dump a memory file for storage.

If you have a regular controller like the DMX Operator 192 (or the Operator Pro), Show Designer, etc., you are not going to be able to hook the controller into the computer and program and run your lights exactly the same way as just working on the physical controller itself.

Like I said, I think what you're getting into is the use of MIDI, which requires pre-programming on the controller and triggering those scenes, chases, and shows from a computer.

To answer your question no controller like the one you pictured will run lights from your computer.
However I just found something funny.

Ok.. after I re read your orginal post.
"I've just recently bought my DMX Controller"

American DJ has a software controller called MY DMX
This is a program that you hook into your computer so you can run your lights from there.
This is what I thought you were talking about.

Elation also has a software version called COMPU LIVE

So all along this is what you need to buy, you just ordered the wrong item.

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