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I am upgrading my light i wants 6 new ones, but i don't know which are better for my needs. I know i want a 575W fixture either the Design Spot 575 or the Power Spot 575. I like the way the Design Spot looks,White Casing makes it look real attractive, but i haven't seen it in action live yet. However I have seen the Giotto Spot 400 and the Power Spot 575 in action. They are both incredible lights. I think i liked the power spot more than the Giottos (Giottos are too too expensive. Now the design SPot 575 is just a little cheaper than the Gitto Spot and the Desing Spot has a better Lamp on it, but at $4000 a piece it makes you really think hard about buying it. The Power Spot 575 is almost have the price of the Design Spot with the Same lamp. But which do you guyz think is better for me. Whats the difference between them. Im a DJ i don't use the wash effect, i prefer Spot.

P.S. Just for future refrence- Is it possible to get the Power Spot 575 in a white Case?
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Hello, ybravo. i really like he design spot 575 cause you have so many features on it. for instance 2 rotating gobo wheels is almost unheard of on a 575 in that price range, CMY, animation wheel. i would say from a programming standpoint you could do more with a design spot 575 then a power spot 575. and i have not heard of the power spots coming in white. i'll look in to this for you. sincerely,
Power Spot 575 vs Design Spot 575. It really depends on what features you need. CMY, frost, zoom, animation wheel, iris, and dual rotating gobo wheels can be very useful and powerful tools. The question is do you need them? That is something you have to weigh out for yourself. Power Spots also don't come in a white form, only the DS line does.

I can say from my stand point, I use iris a lot do to the nature of shows I do. So every mover I own has to have one. I can also say that the PS 575IE vs the PS 575 is an interesting comparison as well. You would be surprised how much of a difference ten pounds makes when handling a moving light. So if you really need the iris and don't want to splurge on the DS 575, look into the PS 575IE.
Serra.. I have to say you know your stuff! So i'll just say the same thing Serra said with a different twist.

IRIS is an incredible feature with Iris pulse and being able to pinpoint objects. So the Power Spot 575IE gives you that option.
The Power Spot 575ie literally weighs 42 lbs. This fixture is so light to hang you want to hug it. This is because it has a multi voltage electronic transformer, so you can plug it in 220V or 110V and it auto senses the voltage.
If you ever run 220V you can plug 4 of these on 1 circuit freeing up a lot of 120V power.
The Design Spot 575 also has an Iris. But I really apreciate the Zoom. Zoom!!! this is not common for any 575W fixture.
The unit weighs about 65lbs and it does make it heavier. But you get Zoom, and animation.
Many times you may not need these features, but it is really nice to have them when the oportunity presents itself.
Animation is nice on static looks.. you don't get the rotation effect, but you get a good texture effect, Oh, and it's also available in white!

Best regards,
Lol, thanks John. I will touch on the zoom a little bit because it is my favorite feature after CMY. The reasoning is instead of using an iris to make things smaller, you can use the zoom while not losing intensity vs the iris. The zoom on the DS 575 also let's you flood the stage. This, combined with the frost filter allows you to almost make washes with them. Depending on the angle, you can actually pass this off as a wash, namely in side, high side light situations. Truly a great tool.

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