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Hmmm... but then again.. that could still be the library problem if say you select red and red does not show up.
For Example.. what happens when you select blue.
Are they both off the same? or are they completly different?

If they are off the same, then its the library.

If not, please as specific as possible to explain your scenario, becuase so far what you've given us to work with is pretty vague.

Ok.. that's where we should have started.
Sounds like a service issue.

Start up your lights and find out versions.. jot them down.
Look for any codes that may come on.. something like D.I.E.R.
or S.H.E.R. I'm not really sure what, but just in case.

The off color one looks like a dichro mirror may have broke. You will need to open the light and check it.

As soon as you have all this info.. Call service dept at 866-245-6726 and ask for service.
Start with the one that won't dimm and that you have already addressed it to match one that does dim, and that one wont work.

Best regards,
When you turn the fixture on. the display usually displays the DMX address.
But if there are any errors, instead of DMX address it will flash an error code. This helps pinpoint problem.
but if you don't have an error code, it could be something else.
Either way, it sounds like you need to call the doctor.. Elation support 866-245-6726.
They should be able to help you with this.

Best regards,

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