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Our church has the above mentioned DMX Operator and I'm sure it's at least 5 years old but it has been in a box for the duration of that time. I finally had time to figure it out and can now do basic scene programming. Yay!
But yesterday after I programmed a bunch of custom scenes and did the final program save, I come out of blackout mode and the board will not respond at all. The dimmers go into a "half" level of light and all my LED fixtures go to blinking white. If I go back into program mode I regain control of the scenes.
I did a complete reset of all the scenes and chases per the instruction manual. Is there a way to just completely
Reset the whole unit? Let me also add that it worked quite well when I first figured it out.

Frustrated and cash strapped :P

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The clearing of all scenes and chases as per the instruction manual is how you reset the whole unit. That procedure essentially causes the unit to default to an all zeros type setting.

First, make sure you did in fact properly save your scenes. Takes some practice, but it's not difficult. You're past this point, it appears.

Second, check the position of your speed and fade time faders. This is most likely where your problem is. Move them both to the position that indicates fast fade and short time. I bet that's the UP position.

Also, what are your LED lights? How are they connected? If you have a DMX fixture, it should NOT be in a dimmer pack or dimmer unit. Do your LED lights have a dimmer channel on them? You could be damaging things.

I think now more information is needed.

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