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Hi - I'm using a Martin M2GOHD - which I understand is now supported by Elation who market the controller as the NX2? I am seeking fixture profiles for a number of Martin fixtures:

Martin ELP CL LED profile

Martin Rush Par3 RGB

Martin Rush Batten 1 Hex

I can't find fixture profile downloads on the Elation webiste or anywhere else? Any pointers please on this would be greatly appreciated ASAP as I am on a very tight schedule to get the show programmed and would rather avoid having to create the fixture profiles manually!

Many thanks in advance

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Thank you so much for the swift reply - really appreciate it.

The M2GOHD desk I have inheritted is running M-Series software 3.70.885.0 which as far as I can tell is the last M-Series OS version released? I am extremely nervous about trying to change this to Onyx at this stage. We are a community organisation and were donated the desk 'as is' and don't have the funds or the knowledge to start getting into OS upgrades.😕

On the Obsidian Control website (great tip thank you) however I did find what appears to be a fixture library compatible with the OS we're running:

I downloaded this and ran the .exe which gave me a Martin Professional folder containing many manufacturer folders, in which there was indeed a Martin folder which contains fixture profiles for ALL of the missing fixtures we need - brilliant!

However, when I copied the Martin Professional folder to a USB stick and tried to import fixtures on the M2GOHD, the desk doesn't recognise the profiles. The information appears to be there fore the 3 fixtures in question (screen shots from my laptop):

..but when I navigate to the exact same folders on the USB stick plugged into the desk they're just showing as empty, so the desk seems not to recognise the files?

Once again, any advice or solutions would be very much appreciated.

Thank you again in advance!


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