As just unpacked my Magic 260, I need the following profiles to get my show started:

Showtec Micro Spot LED Moving Head (13 channels)
Showtec LED Par 36
Stairville Strobe 200 DMX strobe
Stairville LED PAR 36
American DJ Sunray TriLed DMX
American DJ Starball LED DMX

They don't seem to be included (correct me if i'm wrong).
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I forgot the ADJ LED Messenger in my first post, - please include a profile for this as well.

Channel description for the non-ADJ fixtures:

Showtec LED Par 36 (6 ch) (Same as http://www.powerprojekt.de/bil...PAR64ShortLEDRGB.pdf )
Ch1: Red (0-255 0%-100%)
Ch2: Green (0-255 0%-100%)
Ch3: Blue (0-255 0%-100%)
Ch4: Color Mix
Ch5: Strobe (fast to low speed)
Ch6: Mode (0-63 RGB control, 64-127 7 color fade, 128-191 7 color change, 192-255 music controlled)

Stairville Strobe 200 DMX strobe (2 channels):
Ch1: Strobe Speed (0-15 stop, 16-31 speed 1, 32-47 speed 2 ....... 240-255 speed 15)
Ch2: Dimmer (0-15 Blackout, 16-31 Dimmer 1, 32-47 Dimmer 2 .......... 240-255 dimmer 15)

Stairville LED PAR 36
Ch1: RGB Control (0-63 RGB Ch2=Red Ch3=Green Ch4=Blue, 64-127 7 color fade Ch5=Speed,128-191 7 color change Ch5=Speed, 192-255 3 color change Ch5=Speed)
Ch2: Red (0-255 0%-100%)
Ch3: Green (0-255 0%-100%)
Ch4: Blue (0-255 0%-100%)
Ch5: Speed (0-10 no function,11-100 Fast to low speed,101-150 no function,151-255 Speed controlled by music)

The SHOWTEC MICRO SPOT LED MOVING HEAD V2 (14 Channel) I have to get back to you on,- I did not get a manual with any of the 4 I got, so I have written Thomann.de to get one.
Hy ! I have a question. The Stairville LED PAR 36 not have Master/Slave operating mode ?!? Send me pls the manual when anyone's have it. Thx! deejayxenon90@yahoo.com
Please send me the user manual to that fixture and I can create that for you. Thanks! JoelChen@americandj.com.
I would very much appreciate getting some profiles made up for the elation 260... I need a profile for a Laserworld ES-100G 100mW Green, and also for a Stairville DJ Lase 400-B Blue DMX whilst maintaining my profiles for adj accu-ufo pro, and fogstorm 1700hd and pro led 38b par cans thank you.
Aha.... this should work for the stairville fixture....https://dl.dropbox.com/u/57174182/SV_DJ_Lase_400_B_en.pdf Thanks
Is anyone actually on this forum? I've also written numerous emails, to try to get some support for these fixtures. I got an amazing service before. Has everybody died?
To whom it may concern,
Please send your profile requests to support@elationlighting.com and I will make sure they are taken care of.

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