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Hello everyone.I am a long time reader, first time poster here. I've learned a lot from the forum. Special thank to every bodies who contribute their knowledge to the forum.
any ways, I have a compu live and so far, I am very happy with it. Just one thing tho, I stuck with create a follow spot scene. The instruction in the follow spot rack is pretty hard to understand. I was be able to made switch in which the slave lights follow the master. But when I add the switch to the master light scene, the lights can lid at one spot, but they won't move with the mouse.

Can anyone shred some lights on this?

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Do you have the mouse assigned to control the pan and tilt values
I don't know that I have to assign values to the mouse according to the follow spot rack instruction Confused
If so, what is the easy way to do it?

Any ways, after reading the instruction again,there is a phrase: Create a ‘Scene’ that controls the master moving light with the mouse (Live rack).

I think this is what you mean by assigning values to the mouse?

I got it.
My trouble started as after create a follow spot scene button, I added the follow spot switch to the FS scene by drag- and -drop it over the follow spot scene button.

"add the switch FOLLOW SPOT" in the instruction mean you click the FS scene first, and then click on the FS switch.

Jingles, thanks for your help Smiler

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