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This is my first time working with dmx lights and I can use some help. I'm using a elation magic 260 with four chavuet color strip lights set on two fixtures 4 chauvet color batons set to two fixtures all others set to one fixture chauvet led rain chauvet trident chauvet mega moon chauvet mayhem one other chauvet light I'm not sure about and a accu ufo. I have them set on generic settings now and can't get them to work right is there any way to download a profile for these lights. I also have a few lights that do not have dmx inputs on them that I read can somehow be put in the aux buttons of the magic 260 any info on that would be great.
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As to controlling none DMX lights with your M260 Aux buttons, you will have to get an interface. There are many out there. Elation makes these:

These interfaces have DMX in connectors (and DMX out, which you need to include the interface in a daisy chain of fixtures), and four electrical power outlets on the sides. You can plug up to four light fixtures into it, one into each outlet.

[These things are designed for incandescent or halogen bulbs. Elation warns not to plug into one of these any fixture which has a transformer in it. I've put my DP-415s in switch mode and connected them to fixtures with transformers without any problems - so far!]

Aux button 1 on the M260 toggles an on and off switch on DMX channel 261, button 2 does the same thing on 262, etc. So you need to set the interface's DMX address to 261. After doing so when you hit Aux button 1 on the M260, power will be sent to outlet #1 on the interface. Hit the button again and it will go off. Same with buttons 2, 3 & 4.

So, when you

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