I have an ice-101 that doesnt' seem to do anything. When you hit the power switch it clicks on but does nothing after that, remote is plugged in and the red light comes on but nothing else functions, let it sit and it never goes green, doesn't seem to heat up, doesn't pump water out, doesn't pump fluid... is there a way to diagnose the problem? Is there a way to use a volt meter to test for where the problem is? The manual is not very helpful with fixing issues. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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First off thanks for the help so far...

I bought it used and i'm not using a dmx setup, just the remote... would that matter? i was under the impression it should still work without the dmx and just with the remote.

What is the pcb? i assume it's the computer board? I took off the side panels but doesn't look like i can access the computer board just the switches and pump. I talked to a guy who had a similar problem with a different fog machine and he said it was a fuse issue with his... think that could be the problem?

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