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We been stuck on this for a few days now. We got a profile loaded in, the scanners have been hooked up with different cables. Even set the dip switches to 1 and have no gotten a response from the board to fixture. A terminator is plugged in as well. The red light on back flashes, not sure if that is the signal light. So what can I do to get these lights to work?
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hi scott,
it looks like you have most of your trouble shooting done right.

that being said I can't say i know how the Intimidator works?
How many of those do you have?
do you have another fixture or dimmer pack or dmx fixture you can test to see if it works?

Maybe you need switch 1 and 10 on the Intimidator?

I recommend not to use a profile to test if the SD3 works.
for fixture 1, use 32 DMX channels.

that way you can read your intimidator manual and work with individual channels to see if it works.

The intimidator gets DMX signal the second you plug it into the console whether you have a profile assigned or not, so i believe its a setting in your lights.
Hi J Scott,
well since the SD3 works with Power spots then we know its working fine.

I think at this point the those intimidators wont work with any controller.
it could be the DMX driver chips are burnt.

your only other trouble shooting option is to test them with another console. if they still don't work then you know for sure its the lights and you need to send them in for service.

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