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Hello, I want to open a topic on this topic that I have been talking with Justin Gauthier, from SFM Pro Visual / Elation.

He told me that there was some development with the FX part of the upcoming firmwares. Those same FX on other CINEMA panel, like the Arri Skypanels, LP Gemini, etc... Standard effects ( FX ) like Police strobes, Ambulance, Strobe, Television, Party, Firework, etc.   

Ive been in contact with Elation since the first news about the KL panel, seeking infos and developments news. They have been aware of my request for FX, stand alone FX, since many other DPs and Gaffers are also, often using them on other competitor options.

These discussion with Justin were a year ago, and sadly the firmware 1.07 has not given much goodies since the first firmware.

Did anybody else got in touch to see what was up with this? The fixture is totally capable of taking such task and doing it stand alone without any boards.
Maybe a firmware 2.0 versus the 1.07 might give it, but Im inquiring here for this information.

Thank you!

This is the email from SFM Provisuals / Elation:

Hello Jean-Charles,

Welcome for this information, we are here to try to help you.

I finally managed to speak with the designer of the KL Panel to get more info on the effects he is working on.

he said they hired someone who works extensively with the film industry in the United States and is familiar with the features of Arri products. Unfortunately, we cannot directly access this contact they tell me. But if you ever wanted to talk more about the products, we could schedule a web call all together with the folks at Elation.

The good news is that these features should be complete and available in about 4-6 weeks.

Glad to hear you are interested in our products and trying to push it into the industry, you have worked on some amazing projects! We work hard to try to fill this gap in the market and we learn a lot at the same time. We're getting a lot more requests and working with the movie industry, so we're trying to develop products for that market more and more. Like the new polychrome Fresnel they announced a few weeks ago.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you ever need information or help to offer our products.


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