Was wondering if I might be able to get a profile for a Martin Mac 301?

I've heard there are a couple different modes and I need the 16 bit profile.

Thank you.
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There are four different modes and mode 4 has 16bit RGB and all have 16bit pan and tilt. You looking for mode 4? It'll be kinda tricky as Compu live's ssl files only support RGB and not fine RGB. But I think I can tweak it.
Yeah I think that is the mode I need. However I cannont get the beams to show up on the visualizer. I have them at Center. I clicked the dimmer fader, I opened the shutter. Ive clicked around just to see if I missed something an I cant get anything to show up on the visualizer.
me either. Weird. I'll have to get some help on this matter. I can have an answer for you tomorrow. Sound good? What release date is your Compu Live program?
Ok well we have a much newer release date available for download for free. But before I tell you to do that what model interface do you have? Also if you are happy with tour release date that you have, like it is not buggy or anything you don't have to update to the latest. It your choice. Let me know.

I have had this version for almost 2 years now.

Its shut down a couple times on me but hasnt for a while since I put the software onto a new PC.

The couple times it does shut down is when Im on my Behrenger Control Surface and it says that the controller is not responding.

Im all ears for what you think is best as far as updating but it might have to wait till after the weekend. The reason why I need these profiles is because Im doing a set at the All Good Music Festival this weekend and would hate to change things up right before this big gig.
Ok, We can talk about updating your software after you're gig. I think the reason you are not getting any beam output is the fine RGB channels are messing with the beam output as it is not a supported function of Compu Live. I opened up a mode 3 profile and the RGB beam works fine. Let me try a few things.
ok I fixed the profile. it was the general control channel that was messing with it. Any icon you can use now and you should get beam output except for the one in the pic below that is crossed out with red.

Here is the new profile. check it out and let me know.

Im really sorry, but this didnt work either...
My screen looks just like the picture you took of your screen and the fixtures still wont produce an output...

If you have any other suggestions please let me know...

Just becuase this profile wont work in the visualizer doesnt mean it wont work on stage right? It could very well be a good profile just not working in the visualizer...
Ya just because the 3D isn't working does not mean the actual fixture won't work. That profile should work fine on the actual unit. If you can hook the program up to one I'm sure it would work.
If you want to email me a pic email it too jamesk at elation lighting dot com

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