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Is there a bug in the May 2010 Live. I have a pair of moving heads and everything is fine when I want to make a scene with the two at once. Only changing maybe a gobo.

The problem comes into play when I seperate the two MH and try and program one go back to live and try and program the other, clik page to make a scene and do all the right stuff. Whe I open the 3d up only one MH is doing it's thing. The other does nothing. My geek dj buddy who uses Live for several years spent at least a hour trying to get the two programed as one scene.

Anyone else had a similar problem????
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Mostly but are you setting up your shape and color on the fixture page first? or using the scene editor? If your using the fixture page to set color gobo shape etc, when you click create new scene and name it make sure you have "As you see now" selected and make sure the "include the switch INIT" is NOT checked. That should keep everything you had active and bring it into the scene.
This help?

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