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In This forum you can discuss tips, tricks, and troubleshooting for Elation's Next Generation Compu Live software, "Compu Show".

I am coming from CompuLive and just now starting to program my show in CompuShow. I am noticing that it is very different and a couple challenges I have faced is that the new CompuShow still ships with CompuLive manual and tech support at elation told me I need to read the here I am.

I need to assign midi note numbers to scenes on my Master page. I used to to just hit settings and select MIDI under trigger, select the note and then I was done!

Now I don't even see that as an option...can someone please help me to do this.
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I should add that I want to be able to select the "midi note" like I used to in CompuLive. I see when I hit a keyboard button there is a number associated with the that a midi number? Is there some chart somewhere that would allow me to see what number is what? It seems like this feature shouldn't have gone away. By the way where is Jingles? He was such good help!
So I've hooked my Rocktron All Access Midi Controller which has midi notes that I have set on each footswitch of each layer. So I'm not concerned about a Midi Map (if don't have to have one).

So I program a scene and save it as a button on the master page. I then right click while holding shift and select link to console, then button activation and it says waiting for midi command. I then hit the button on my All Access foot controller and the dialog box disappers. However, there is no midi note listed on the button and the floor switch doesn't activate the button.

What am I doing wrong. I used Comp Live forever with midi note commands and it was simple. I was told by elation that this program would work just like Compu Live and I would be able to use all the same controllers.

What gives!?! Please help!
HELP! How do I assign a MIDI trigger to a scene? This is the foundation of how I run my live show (by sending MIDI notes to the Elation software to trigger scenes).

I have replaced my older model with the updated Compu Show and I can no longer figure out where to assign the button trigger to a MIDI note.

Please, any advice would be immensely appreciated!
I bought Light Factory and the sales and service has been excellent...not to mention it blows away's more in line with grandMa,Hogs, Chamsys, etc...

I can assure you that midi learn works as advertised. The program is much deeper than Compu so the learning curve is more tough but it is worth it in the end!
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Thanks for the response, bdunard. I will try contacting tech support through the email address... They have been extremely helpful with my other questions thus far.

I really love the Elation Compu software, but I wouldn't have spent $300 on the upgrade if I had any idea I'd be losing this functionality! Crossing my fingers that it's still there, just not documented.
well, i will simply reply to bdunards message on here by saying that at that time Midi was being fixed....and that i did tell you how to use midi and asign things. I even posted a link to download the manual which gave you step by step instructions for Midi asignment. I also remember that you did not want to listen to the differnt changes between the programs as to why midi was acting different. So, please, in the future refrain from degrading people on this site (which is against the forum rules and regulations) and i will also remind you that this site is for support and questions not for posting about items for sale. Enjoy the new product that you bought, hope the best for you

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