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Dear Elation,

Thank you very much for your fast help with my profiles...

I need some Basic help with DMX...

Why can I not control a fixture? I am using the "32 DMX channels" profile. I can use the fixture if i have it set to "fixture #1"(dmx-001), but not after that. I need this fixture to be #10 (dmx-289) and #11 (dmx-321). I do not have a profile for this fixture yet, and even if I did, I

FYI, I have my movers up and running, they are happy...Even if I hook another mover up to fixture #3 (dmx-065), its not talking to it...
find it easier to use the "32 DMX channels" profile (so far)....

"Fixture patch"... my dmx channels were set wrong? NOW I'm confused... I thought they had to be set every 32 channels (8 faders x 4 pages), 001,033,065,097,129, etc... now my fixture #10 is at 061, and my fixture #11 is at 067. they are happy and working...

I'm used to working with the DMX operator, and the channels are in increments of 16... 001, 016, etc...

What am I doing wrong?

The wiring is correct...

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