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I have worked with thdmx operator pro and assigned 3 sets of led lights on addressed at 1, 17, 33 even though they each only use 7address. Now i need direction in trying to set up 14 chauvet intimidator spot led 150 moving heads in 11chhnl mode(6 or 11), in pairs of two. also 8 led american dj tri7 leds, 7chnnl mode(1,2,3,4,5,6,7 mode availble).
im guessing that assigning in this order:

dmx1= heads 2pair
dmx17= same
dmx33= same
dmx49= same
dmx65= same
dmx81= same
dmx97= same
now would i have to assign these values to the fixture button, or is this preset?

which leaves me left with assigning four channels for leds, total of 8 used in pairs. can i assign those over on the right side of the operator pro, would it work, do i have dmx addresses left, some one please help, i would appreciated it.

Thanks in advance.
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