I just bought an used Operator 192 and I decided to test all its functions. Everything looks ok, but two things are bothering me. I hope you guys can help me with these 2 problems/issues:

First, the speed fader only shows its current value in the lcd when the unit is in playback mode (audio or auto trigger mode activated). The Fade Time fader, however, always shows its value every time you move/change it (doesn't matter if its in playback mode or not). Is it the normal behavior? Does it work like that to anyone else??

Second, every time I press the Music/Bkc button it enables the audio trigger mode and lcd shows the respective dot indicating it is in "Audio Trigger". However, the lcd also shows a small line (minus signal) below the dot. What does that line (minus signal) mean? Is it normal? Does it show to anyone else or just me?

Is my unit defective?? Should I return it?

Thank you for your help!!
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thank you for contacting us. i checked the DMX OPERATOR 192 and the audio trigger should display the dot with the minus sign below it when activated. also, it is normal for the fadetime only to display the values except when in playback mode. dont worry. there is nothing wrong with your unit. please feel free to contact support if you have any further questions.

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