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I believe there is programing issue with the show designer 3. When you change pages on the playback masters section in the bottom left corner, playback 1 on the first page turns off when playback 1 on the second page gets turned on. This includes all playbacks 1-8. Is there a way you can get the software writers to give me an update to fix this?

Also, my board has a glitch at some points. The flex fader mode will change to more playbacks without me telling it to. Is there an easter egg or series of buttons that I'm pressing that causes this?

Thanks Smiler
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It does remain active but like you said when I slide the faders down it turns off the playbacks. It sounds like it was programmed that way on purpose then. Is there a way to get them to rewrite that piece of software to where when it changes pages it lets the fader come down without turning the previous page's playback off? That seems to make more sense to me and I'm sure the more powerful boards allow that.
Does what I'm saying make sense though?

If page lock is the most common way to use it then what is the advantage exactly? I still feel like having them turn off even though you've changed pages makes it much harder to program and use all 32 pages since you can only have 8 on at a time on each section. I would pay to have someone change that honestly.
Each playback uses up a fixed amount of memory. There is only enough memory allocated for 16 sub masters. Also, most people prefer to maintain control of an active playback after a page is changed. It lets you go to new pages to start other playbacks not yet allocated. The alternative on this board is to call memories from the buttons with no limit to the number of scenes running. Scenes will replace older scenes that use the same channels.

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