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Hi Elation Masters,

I bought the Elation COMPU LIVE 1024EC a couple of days ago. Thanks again for the requested .ssl file to get my Dynasty Scans running!

Now (as an absolute lighting/DMX novice/idiot) can someone lay out the steps to achieve the following:

I’m a working drummer and wish to trigger scenes from my midi Drum Octopad (while playing).

- I want drum pad 1 to be a midi trigger to move forward to the next scene in a Cycle. i.e. keep hitting the same pad (pad 1) to move forward through scene list in that cycle. (Kinda like [pgDn] within a cycle)

- I want drum pad 2 to be a midi trigger to move backward to the prior scene. i.e. keep hitting the same pad (pad 2) to move backward through scene list. (Kinda like [pgUp] within a cycle)

- I want pad 3 to be a black out midi trigger. AND, when I hit it, the next time I hit drum pad 1 or 2 it should continue where I left off (scene/switch-wise with the cycle).

Can someone outline the steps to get there?

I’ll keep studying the manual in parallel. Hopefully this isn't super hard. Smiler


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Hey los! your gonna have to leanr which midi notes are coming out of ur pads that way u can assign them to i think maybe the go buttons on the cycle page. i will tel you now MIDI is NOT my world man. DMX is. lol i really am not sure hot to set up midi to trigger scenes. if i find a way i will let you know. peace! jingles. keep reding that manual. lol
Hi Folks,

Making progress on this.

- Got my scenes created and put them in a cycle.
- Set my scenes to "Go" within the cycle
- Right Mouse clicked on Master, then clicked on Settings
- Selected "Trigger" from Extern Action and trigger box
- Up came a table with tiggerable events.
Did the following:
X 3. Go to next scene (PGDN)
Midi Channel X ALL
Midi Note X 3
*Also did the same with 4. (PGUP, Note 4),
5. (PAUSE, Note 5),
& 6. (PLAY, Note 6).

- Then hooked my Roland PAD (Octopad II)
to a Midi<->USB interface, then plugged into
the laptop with Compu running.

- Assigned PAD 1 on the Octopad to Note 3 (which aligns with PGDN).
I didn’t worry about setting a midi channel since I'm receiving
on all midi channels in Compu 2006. If I wanted to (if maybe I was
running another midi device) I could set it to a particular number
in both Compu and the Midi Pad.

- Assigned PAD 2 to Note 4 (which aligns with PGUP),
PAD 3 to Note 5 (which aligns with PAUSE),
PAD 4 to Note 6 (which aligns with PLAY).

Now For Some Action:

I bring up the cycle, Hit PAD 4 and the Cycle starts playing the 1st SCENE. It will stay there (because I set it to "GO" within the scene).

Ready to go the next scene (In my case, probably the next tune in the music set list). I hit with my drumstick PAD 1 and voila!, it moves to the next scene. AWESOME!! I can go back with a PAD 2 hit if I need to, PAUSE the cycle with A PAD 3 hit. It's working for me! So, most of the night, I'll just be hittin' one pad between tunes, and I'm off to the races.
I plan to add some bright flash strobes, create it in a switch, and then assign it to another midi note on my pad. That way, I can pop an accent here and there.

So, one thing I haven't figured out yet (in my now 3 days of using this cool software) is what's the best way to create a blackout? How do folks do it? Do I need to create a blackout scene (set it to go) and interleave the current cycle (Scene with Stuff, Blackout Scene, Next Scene with stuff – etc). Any advice here would be appreciated!

I plan to debut this craziness on New Years. I run several professional bands in the
Bay Area. One of which will be in the Main Room at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay.
go into "music"... you'll see me slappin the drums on some old school stuff.

Carlos (Los) Almeida
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Carlos, that's exactly what I want to do, exept I will be hitting a Midi floor pedal, as I play bass.... So i'm glad to ear that it's working...

I think you've recorded scenes and you put them in order, so when you hit "go", it will switch to the next scene...

I really newbie to midi stuff, and also to lightning stuff... so I'll probably have a lot of questions!


Have fun with your stuff man!

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