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I have searched the SD3 manual, and I can not find info on how to use a Universe, or even the word universe. the specs on the web page says it has 3 universes.

Does universe mean, I can have a light on channel 001, and in a separate universe have a different light on channel 001 also? or is a universe just a fancy word for DMX splitter?

How do I assign a light to separate universes?

Thank you,
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Very cool, Thank you for your response.

So, theoretically, I can run:

(concert style setup)
Front truss on Universe 1
Back truss on Universe 2
stage/on ground lights on Universe 3
Up Lights around room on universe 4

All utilizing the channel 001 and up?

is this correct?

Can I set up chases, Scenes and shows on each universe also? If so, how?

again, the word "Universe" is not mentioned in the user guide.

Thank you for your help,

Dear anyone that can explain,

I am not understanding the word "universe", back to my original question, "is universe a fancy word for splitter?"

can I tell mover #1 located on channel 001 on universe #1, to do something different than ANOTHER mover #??? located on channel 001 on universe #2 to do something different?

I need a simple explanation, this stuff if not covered in the SD3 manual. the manual is good, but says NOTHING about universes, and the website boast of 3 separate universes...

I'm thinking a universe means, I can run chases on my stage lights and then run the same DMX channels on another universe... I need some basic skills here. anyone that knows anything about DMX, please feel free to answer, I may be way off and not know my a$$ from a hole in the ground, but, I simply need info on what is a "Universe" and how does it work...

hahahaha, thank you in advance for a down to earth, explanation of "UNIVERSE",

Mr. Turd

P.S. I'm not an expert, but I can run a show off of scenes and chases on the SD3... Maybe if some genius can place the word "Universe" in the manual then I can better understand my capabilities.
If the word "universe" means splitter, then cool, I'm happy that my SD3 has 3 separate outputs and I don't have to Daisy chain 60 different fixtures. (I own 4 Elation splitters) But if I can do more and expand my knowledge, then even better. I want to utilize the console I own more.

FYI, Even your "DMX 101 - a DMX512 Handbook", doesn't fully explain the word "Universe".

Thank you for your great and speedy customer service via forums,

Mr. turd
One universe is 512 DMX channels coming from a single output connector on the back of a console. If you have three universes you now have 1536 DMX channels but you will need 3 cables to distribute them. This is not the same as a splitter. The DMX protocol only allows 512 channels per output connector. That is why you need more universes to handle more than 512 channels. Google DMX 512 and read some of the pages like Wikipedia for a better explanation.

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