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The instruction manual.

I was going to comment, but felt its better for an elation rep to let them know which is right rather then my opinion.

It says that then lens should be replaced every two years, but really it only needs to be replaced when it gets cloudy or breaks IMO. The manual is referring to the outer condensing lens, by the way, the one you can touch (but shouldn't) on the front of the head.

Overall, you shouldn't need to replace any lens' on your power spot until it breaks.

This is the answer I was looking for. See I had two lights on the floor one night and someone ran a mic cord over the housing so when the light spun around it got stuck and knocked the lens loose. I fixed and it is fine for now but I did notice that the lens looked a little imperfect. I think I will replace the lenses on this pair of fixtures then. Thanks, Tap
Yes.. Your right!! You got me on this one.
It says that you need to change the lens.

However after years of working with these lights I wouldn't worry about it much. These lenses last years!!!

Now if you have them in an enviorment with alot of smoke, cigarete smoke and daily use like a club or bar, then this lens will take a lot of abuse and replaceing it will improve your output. But if your a mobile guy doing shows on the weekends, I wouldn't be to concerned about replaceing this lens.

Best regards,
Hey John I think you should send us all Elation Black Satin Jackets for that find.

Only Kidding I seen you at the NAMM show again this year. I was sorry to hear about SMOKIN JOE

The Power Spots are working great I used them for a Bowling for Soup show with 8 active scans and 50 par 64's I will be running the same set up for this weekend for two good local bands

Take care. FLASH / Pete Wrobel
Jingles I talked about two bands
Bowling for soup / I just worked one show
Our After / 7 or 8 shows at TINKS in Scranton PA. If you look at ( )
click on Pics
click on Tinks official Pictures
scroll down to Oct 17 Bowling for Soup
Click on it These are some pics of the Lighting rig.

This weekend I will be working a different club sat. night with BLISS ( )

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