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I come from the old analog school of lighting so this is my first go with DMX...

I bought an Elation DJ Magic 260 controller and two Chauvet 4Bars. My first question may be rather stupid - Are these devices compatible with one another (somewhere I read that the 260 only works with motorized fixtures)...

My second question is how to program just a basic "light on", "light off" to get my feet wet. I do understand the basic concepts of DMX (and the math) but I must say none of the manuals I've looked at including the 260's leaves a LOT of assumptions about one's basic knowledge of DMX programming...

Sorry if these questions seem a bit basic for all you experts out there but I thank you a ton for your patience as I pass through the learning vortex of death!
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Hi Red,

seeing as you are a newbie... i recommend you educate yourself on dmx..
you can download this brochure on DMX 101.
once you get that down then you can start programming.

The problem you are having is your not understanding what you are doing.
so when you read the manual it doesn't make any sense..

When it comes to programming any console you need to understand the nomenclature and what you need to do.

Programming comes down to 2 things..
1. is recording a snapshot of what your lights are doing... when you set the lights to a specific color and you want to save that color combination with the intensity you wish... this is considered a scene.
For other consoles a scene can also be known as a step or cue. However in the case of Magic 260 we refer to it as a scene.

2. when you are done programming all the different looks(scenes) you want you then want to put those scenes into a sequence.
In the case of Magic 260 we refer to this as a show.
A sequence can also be known as a chase or cue list.. or in the case of our Compu Live software its known as a cycle.

There you have it... taking these two programming concepts.. read the Magic 260 user manual to get you through those processes.

Best regards,
I would also like to add that the Magic 260 is not equipped with a profile for your Chauvet 4 bars. Send me an email with the manual or a link to where I can obtain the manual and I'll create it profile for you.

Having a profile will allow to view channel names and functions from the display of the Magic 260. This will make programming even easier.

Here's my email address,

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