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Hi Smiler

My band needs to put together a lighting setup. My partner bought a stage setter 8 package with 2 dimmer packs, but after reading the manual, I don't think the stage setter will do what we need.

We want to control a mixture of lighting for a stage and dance floor. The stage lighting is just par cans, and the dance floor lighting is a combination of different fx lighting.

There would not be anyone actively running the lights, so we need a controller that can run a simple chase pattern (or audio triggered chase) for the stage lighting, and simultaniously run a simple two step chase pattern on the dance floor lighting to let them alternate and cool down every few minutes.

Any suggestions on what to use that is cost effective? Or, of course, if I can do what I need with the stage setter 8, I'm totally open to a tutorial-4-dummies Big Grin

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We'll now that I think about it, I don't think the DMX Duo will work.
its intended for Intelligent lighting on one side, and effects lighting on the FX buttons.

This customer has effects lighting, and par cans..

So his best bet would be Dmx operator pro.
He can create chases for his effects lights on one half of the board and par can chases on the second half of the board.
This is probably a stupid question... but since all of the lights we own are not dmx, i have to ask :P

What is the significance of whether a controller is intended for intelligent/fx/par cans? For instance, why is the operator pro not capable of running par cans except on the last 8 channels?

The operator pro looks like it has a street price close to some pc-controlled systems i've seen. Would we be better off just lugging one of our laptops with us and running things that way?
hey. actually there are no stupid questions here. we try to teach all we can to the customers so no worries about questions ok? also on the op pro the reason the faders are on the right side is just for convience of having two controller sides to the board it doesn't mean they are the last 8 channels. you can assign the pars cans dimmer packs to start at any channel on the board through your dimmer packs. if you wanna go for convience and low equipment carry around try compuware if you want to go for a PC based lighting controller. now i haven't seen street pricing for the other PC based controllers your talking about but if i were you i would either go with the op pro or compuware. p.s. what type of programming were gonna try to do with these?? peace! jingles.

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