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My DMX needs are gradually increasing, I started out using a small Elation LED operator desk and it served me very well for Uplighting gigs and to be honest it still does a fine job. I have now started to control more lights and I wanted to have more channels on my Par cans so I began to use a basic desk Strvile LED commander but that has some serious limitations when it comes to moving heads and setting par lights to different scenes, colours etc.
My current lighting fixtures are as follows: about 30ish LEDs pars, 4-6 lasers, 2 martin mania EFX500s, strville scanners, Elation Platnum 5rs and probably some new moving heads as soon as I can decide on what I want.
Needless to say the above desks are just not enough for what I want this is basically to arrive at a gig and customise scenes very quickly. Setting scenes and chases for par cans at home is fine but altering moving head scenes and chases is more customised to each situation. The location really depicts the chase such as size of the dance floor, celling etc.
So is software the answer? I have been considering the Elation Emulation software but after some extensive reading it does not seem to offer functionality like changing figure 8, circle or width. I could be wrong.
Could someone offer some advice on a suitable piece of hardware or software for my needs.
My shortlist is as follows:
Elation Magic 260 because of the FX engine
Elation Emulation for its iPad compatibility but does it have an FX engive
Some advice would be really helpful
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