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I need to know if it is possible to use the Stage Setter as a straight 16 channel dimmer controller.  I am doing simple lighting for an outdoor 'radio play' and need to control at least 4 channels of lights and two ON/OFF channels (for ONAIR and APPLAUSE signs).  How do I assign a DMX channel number to a fader... or is this NOT possible.


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Thanks Jingles...  That makes sense... my question is more how do I 'assign' a normal fader action to each channel...  I.e.  Fader 1 assigned to DMX Addr 1, Fader 2 assigned to DMX Addr2, etc. for direct manual control of my 4 channel dimmer packs.  I've 'solved' my problem for this particular show... by borrowing a SmartFade 1248 from my church.  I've used the SmartFade with my dimmer packs in the past.  Does this make sense?  The BUMP will 'light' the dimmer pack channel... but the fader control does nothing.


The Stage Setter 8 is defaulted to control only channels 1-16 in the DMX universe. Make sure that his dimmer pack is set to 4-channel mode.

Also, if the controller is set in 2x8 or 8x8 mode, you must first go into 1x16 mode and put Crossfaders X and Y up at the top to eliminate all fade delays when one changes to the 2x8 or 8x8 mode. (When setting Crossfaders X and Y to the top while in the 1x16 mode, the display of the controller will read “Nfd” – for No Fade Delay.)

Hope this helps, and makes sense.

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