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Hi All,

Has this happened to anyone else? Almost every night Compu Show stops responding to any switch being turned on or off until the DMX box is unplugged from the computer and then replugged in. This is really inconvenient as our dance floor goes dark for a little while. Any ideas or suggestions? Can you be too active in this software in doing too much switching between switches?

Thank you in advance!
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I think I may have figured out what is happening here. It has something to doe with the REC & Auto buttons on the Fixture Tab. Can someone please tell me what these two buttons are for? It appears they were accidentally being triggered and causing the switches to stop functioning.

The rec auto buttons are for using live/override control. for example with the fixture page up hit rec then auto then on the grid select some fixtures go to their fixture page and hit like strobe or some button you have and just those fixtures will change dmx values to the buttons you selected. The auto part just disengages the rec function after a fixture page button is selected. Like a auto shit off type deal.
Also the rec is triggered by pressing F1 key and the auto is triggered by pressing F2 key on your keyboard. So if you have any switches or buttons set to hotkey trigger with either of those buttons it is dual triggering your button and the rec/auto.
Make sense?
Yes this makes sense? Thank you so much. Our lighting operator must be hitting F1 to cause switches not to work without selecting a certain fixture. I've now disabled these hot keys.

Thanks again!

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