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I wish to set a Time trigger to start a 20 min cycle loop every day at 6:00 pm and other Time trigger to blackout every day at 11:59 pm, can you help me with this? Please show me on details: Start Time, End Time and Snooze Time on "Appoinment and Event Detail" Tag, and Star Time, End Time and Duration on "Appoinment recurrence" Tag, I have tried to do this in several ways but it has not worked. Start trigger work ok, Blackout trigger (with INIT Button on Master Page) no work!
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Hi, welcome to the forums, can you please give me a few days to find the time to make a video of this for you?
If you don't hear from me on Friday, please post a reply on this thread and i'll get the video out ASAP.
If you already know how to set the trigger you should be fine, but to turn it off, you need to set a new trigger for midnight to turn the cycle off and the init scene must be on the same page as the cycle. Make sense?
let me know if you still want me to do a video.
Hi James, I'm ok with scenes, my confusion is about triggers parameters, for example: 1) If the only way to change a scene is necessary triggering other scene why I need to set a "End Time"? 2) For what is the duration time? 3) For what is "Snooze time"? Thanks...

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