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Is it possible to trigger a scene in the master page with MIDI without having to build a midi console? I do not have an actual MIDI controller, but I am sending midi commands to Compu Show from some other software.

I tried right clicking the scene button and checked the scene settings, but could not find an option to simply trigger a scene with a MIDI command without having to use the link to console options.

I set the MIDI command for the button activation option by holding the shift key, right clicking, choosing link to console and selecting Button activation. A window popped up requesting the midi command. I then sent the midi command from some other software and the MIDI request window closed. I assume this indicates the command was successfully received. I then send the MIDI command again to "button activate"/trigger the scene, but NOTHING happens.

After about 30 minutes of trying I gave up and loaded a MIDI console. I was then able to use the Select a Button method to link the Midi command to a virtual MIDI fader that triggers the scene. 2 problems came up. When the MIDi button is active, I cannot click off the scene in the mater page, It's a real pain. 2, I will need to setup a midi controller with 60+ buttons to make this work.

So can anyone assist with this issue. Should I really have to setup a MIDI console/controller to achieve what I'm trying to do?
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Well, for anyone else who has the same "problem" as me here is the answer.

There is NO WAY to simply trigger a scene via MIDI without having some kind of virtual MIDI controller loaded. I personally think that is a mistake, but everyone's needs are different I suppose.

The trick to fixing the scene selection problem in the master page is to enable flash mode on the midi controller button in the console designer. When flash mode is turned OFF and you click a button, it stays active until you click it again. If you have linked a scene to a button and the button is ON, you cannot change the scene until you turn the button off, or turn another button on. I hop that makes sense. Enabling flash mode on the button triggers the linked scene, but does not make the button stay on, therefore, you can freely select another scene at any time. Again, I hope that makes sense.

Hopefully, Elation can make some improvements to Compu Show so that not every MIDI command has to be run through a virtual MIDI (or in my case a FAKE MIDI) console.
A word of warning to others. THIS is turning out to be a real pain to implement So far, I have spend several hours setting up a FAKE MIDI console to act as button triggers for the scenes. The control options in the console designer are quite limited and it takes a considerable amount of time to do the simplest of things.

Really, Elation need to make improvements here.

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