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I work for a DJ/Production Company and was given the task of trying to get 8 Coemar Pro Spot 150lx's to work with the compu live software.

Thus far, I have basically just added 2 fixtures (8 takes up too much room in the house) to turn on with the software.

what do i do next, how do i adjust pan/tilt/gobo/color of these lights with this software. i click on those demo buttons that show up in the beginner mode and nothing happens.

and how do you do just the basic of programming for these things?
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Hi D-Rey,

You have a good start, but your way off.
What you want to do is start all over.

In begginer mode, you can't delete or start over, so you will need to switch to expert mode.

In expert mode, you need to create a new show.
You will be prompted to save information. Don't save anything. Also you don't want to have any demo stuff. So creating a new show will remova all demo fixtures.

Now.. Create a new page with your coemar fixture, and when you get to this section, you need to say you have 8 fixtures as picture below.

No you should have 1 window of control that will control all 8 fixtures.

Let me know when you get this far.
I spoke to someone from elation support last night and they were able to email the correct ssl file and actually walked me thru the basics of adding the fixtures and programming scenes

how do i create a spotlight program i created a scene that blacks out one fixture and points the other toward the center of the floor and used that x/y field to move it, i wanna know if there is a way that i can have 2 fixtures pointed at the same area and follow the other
i did that, when i setup that switch it just moves to 4 different points in a cycle, the type of spot i was looking for is one that focuses on a certain point stays there until i move it.

i was able to achieve this by setting a scene with with 2 fixtures pointed to the same spot and then moving them with the x/y preset button but i'm only able to control one fixture at a time.

is there a way to have them both follow one mouse movement?
u can try holding shift and then move the faders. BUT this will not keep them perfectly in synch. like what i am saying is if u have the beams crossing each other then if u hit shift and move the pan or tilt they will straighten thmselves out but will still move together. just both and all lights will be at the same values. peace! jingles!! p.s. sup jonny long time no talk man!
I used this on 2 jobs this weekend,
one job using 2 fixtures only, the second using 4 fixtures,

to do the spot program i just setup a scene with the middle two fixtures pointed to the center of the dance floor and the first and last fixtures turned off, and then just used the x/y preset and adjusted it,

it worked pretty well, except the pc i programmed the job on has a messed up mouse pad and while i was adjusting the position it jumped wayyyy offline but no big deal,

thanks for your help thus far

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