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hey guys, i need some help. When i run Compu2006 prgrm, after a while i get a message saying that sl2006.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. I've tried restoring my CPU with the restore cd my laptop came with and it was working fine then it started giving me the message again.What could it be. Thanks in advance.
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Hey Guys, last night i had a show and the compu program ran good! It gave me that shutdown message one time the entire night (3hrs) but im stiil having a problem with one fixture (spot).When i click center so that all the lights can face up, that one fixture faces the front (sound guy)I've tried the RPAN and RTILT and it stays the same.Last night i also ran into a prob. with another spot. I was getting a RSER message from it.I wasnt able to use this fixture last night.Another thing towards the end of the night (last 15 mins) i dont what i clicked or what i did but somehow i turned off the lamps on the washes.I had to go to the fixture and turn them on from the fixture menu.Any idea what i did?? I know im asking alot of questions but last night was the first night i used all the fixtures and i was making notes of the littles probs. i ran into.Thanks everyone for your does anyone know where i can order some replacement gobos or what size i need? Thanks....Sergio
well u can edit the center button to ur needs. in fact most or all buttons on compuware u an edit to fit ur needs.what u want to do is hit ctrl-alt left click on the center button and a window should come up so u can edit it. now take the one spot that is out of place and put it in place wit hthe rest. should work.
what fixture was giving u the RSER message? could be reset error. im not too sure on that so don't quote me.
for the lamps u couldn't get them on by hitting the lamp on button? or going intot a scene and manually turning them on in compu? you should type out a gear run down for us so we know what u got and then we can help more.
for gobo's what fixture are they for? if u tell us that then we can tell u what size and a better place to get more of em. i like tons of gobo's but u need to know what size before ordering peace! jingles.
Thanks jingles.First of all I have 6 Power Spot 250 and 4 Power Wash 250..Is there anyway to edit that one fixture when I'm creating the page for the spots? you know, after it ask me to enter the DMX address and the # of fixtures then it takes me to the next step that asks me if all the fixtures are on and facing up. My concern is, if i edit just the center button once the page is created,the fixture s still gonna be out of sync with the other pre set cycles/scenes.
The fixture giving me the RSER is the last spot fixture in the chain, meaning its the last spot then the washes are next in line.
Nope i tried the lamp on button but nothing would happen.The spots were working fine and the washes were moving but no light.I'm running the Compu 1024EC.
Compu 1024EC
6 Power Spot 250
4 Power Wash 250
Thanks for your help!
is the one power spot in a different position or orientation then he rest that would make the center buton different? like where is it mounted? no if u mess with center it just changed the setting in the center button it shouldn;t effect other buttons unless they ae included in the scene. like i said after you create ur fixture page and thern mess with center just fix the one that you are having problems with.
also here is what the manulasays for RSER "RSER This message informs you that one of the fixture function wasn’t
able to do its reset correct (magnetic sensor, stepping motor,
driver on the PCB, cables, etc.). Repair the defect and start the
fixture again." so u might actually need to call in to our service department next chance u can about that one fixture. now on to gobo's manual says. "The POWER SPOT 250™ is fitted with a standard size gobo wheel that accepts gobos with
an outside diameter of 27mm and a viewable image size of 23mm. Glass or steel gobos
may be used." most of this info can be found in the manual. have you read the manual yet? peace! jingles.
NO the one fixture is sitting on the floor facing the same direction as the other ones.I'm saying if i fix the problem in the center button it wont fix all the other buttons. This one light is out of sync with all the preset buttons.Yeah i read what the Rser message ment in the manual but i thought just maybe there is an easy fix for this rather then sending it in. The gobos... i just wanted to know of several differnt places to find some good gobos.Thanks Again jingles!

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