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hey skyline! welcome to the forums. your from MN i am too. MPLS born and raised but now reside in WI. ok so do u know where ur bin section is on the easy show screen? see everytime u load up a scene or a switch or even a audio track it creates a folder in the BIN section. take a look at this pic.
whatever u loaded in recently from say the master pages. u will click onthe master folder in the bin section and there is where you wil find al your scene u loaded up. let me know if u need any more assistance. peace! jingles.
u have to put a INIT button or some sort of fade out if it is the end of the song. so when u want to have a certain scene stop and a new one start i actually recommend using all master scene's for a song. just easier that way u can just keep goin down the line of scene and then u won't have to hit init after each one or have to put a init button after each scene. let me know if thois makes sense. if u want an example of my work using easy show here is a link to a vid on youtube.
also ur last 2 post i dunno what that is looks like a pic of soesort but did u host it through photobucket or somerthing? cause u can't just manually enter a pic straight from ur hardrive. go to and create an account (it's free) and then host them there.
cool! Minneapolis rocks!! Yea, that would be helpful if you tought me, but hopefully i'll figure it out! lol! Have you ever gone to Metro sound and lighting? It's right outside minneapolis, and they carry some sweet stuff!
Anyway, thanks again!!!! It works perfectly, and is alot easier than doing each individual fixture!!! Thanks again!!!! Smiler Smiler Smiler
THANKS!! sky

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