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In This forum you can discuss tips, tricks, and troubleshooting for Elation's Next Generation Compu Live software, "Compu Show".
Download the latest Dec 6th 2013 release of compu show!
Below is a list of new features.

********NEW FEATURES********

copy group from master to other pages
Add new icon to open and close beam in fixtures window with the selected fixtures
Del Key now works in the cycle editor
add icon of appropriate effect instead of a camera with a cross through it
console mapping to reset dimmer/speed/phase/size dials on buttons and pages
if a smartphone or tablet is running easyremote, it's now possible to learn console commands without pressing on the console window
console palette control
-open palette window
-create new palette
-fixture selection
-control a channel, color wheel or XY grid of fixture selection
external window list is now scroll-able if it's higher than the screen
If you add a single channel fixture, a dimmer switch is now created for each fixture and added to a compression
Add the arrow keys to move a fixtures pan tilt channels in XY zone
Console Editor text alignment. When a button is added:
-the text area size is the same as the component size
-the text is now aligned in the center
-Text border is set to false
'write the show on computer' has now been implemented
now possible to write a backup show to an interface
added button editor in right click menu
New followspot tool where calibration is no longer restricted to a grid
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So in ELA 2006 I could easily copy RGB values from 1 fixture to the next. now, I can't. Also, I used to be able to select an option on the left panel, and it would "highlight" it, then when I drag the mouse over each channel, it would set it to the option I had the buttons on the left only seem to work on 1 channel at a time...well I have 36 lights...thats a lot of mouse clicking!! Please tell me I am doing something wrong, or that its not compatible with Windows 8?!
Ok alex, but what about my other questions? what exactly are you trying to copy and have you tried a re-install?

to the best of my knowledge there are no issues on windows 8 or USB 3.0, but i will triple check.
where are you located? Perhaps a phone call to me and a screen share session might be more beneficial to us both in terms of getting this resolved more quickly.
Why is it every time I have a show, there's a new release?

This better fix the EasyShow issues I am having or Elation's gonna wish they deleted my account here and blocked my phone number. Oh, don't worry, I'll be nice and polite, but I'm getting sick of dealing with issues not being resolved that are costing me time and money.
Right now, my issue is with the fact that I have to render my reference video in .avi format. The downside is that to do the shows I do, this can result in a file exceeding 25Gigs in size in standard definition. My issue isn't with standard definition because it's a reference file. EasyShow takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes to really "brace itself for impact" when it comes to loading that file so it can sync properly to timecode. Once it's done chewing on it, it's pretty much solid as a freaking rock for the rest of the show 95% of the time. That other 5% comes from when excessive other troubleshooting is needed in this one venue I work in frequently, and I'm sure the place is haunted.

I need the reference video in EasyShow, because in that I embed 2 timecode displays, 2 bugs(to make it worthless in case it gets stolen) and then spot Op call notes. While EasyShow is ensuring the spots go on and off at the right times, I am calling stage directions to the spot ops so they know "what character and where". I don't expect them to remember anything, as these shows get complicated and it's too much to remember

The other issue is tied to this one client who always waits until the last second for her dance song, which is always a crappy MP3 file lifted off some illegal file sharing site or pulled off YouTube. I have to convert her crappy MP3 file to a .wav file to make it work. However, it's easier t smack her in the head with a large hammer than get her to change her method of operation. This is unfortunately the last time I will have time to deal with that. She's now 2 weeks behind on making changes for another project, which fortunately for me is just an edit.

So, two temporary suggestions, but done as one request:
FOr the time being, stop making the software appear to support codecs it doesn't support. As annoying as it may seem for now, it's less frustrating when I see something supported, but in reality is is not.

The December 6th version doesn't appear to make any differences to me over the August 2013 Beta. The product is still very stable and has been very reliable to the point where I've been able to almost completely phase out MyDMX. My only gripe with the August Beta was it required a firmware update, which stung me in the rear-end come show day because I forgot to firmware upgrade my interface. Had I known, that would have been a fast and easy fix. I regressed to a previous beta and saved the day!

My tests with synchronization went very well between the master machine driving the show and CompuShow/EasyShow following via timecode. As long as that continues to work, I'm gonna be happy. My big events are heavily automated.

Despite my gripes with certain aspects of EasyShow, CompuShow has definitely been a life saver. I mean, being able to program the show I am doing now in 2 days? Not possible for me with other products. With a new show in the pipeline for June, I go into this one with confidence knowing I won't have to "pull a miracle out my rear" to get the project completed!

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