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Hello all

I am having a problem with my new Dmx Operator 192. The lamps I’m using are a couple of Comscan Led. I’m using dmxcable (Accucable) and Neutrik connectors.

The problems is, when running a bank of scenes or running a chase, that the fade time is not working on the tilt-channel when the fade time option “only” is chosen. When the fade time option “all” is chosen the fade-time on the tilt channels works fine. To be more precise then the problem is that the mirror on the tilt-channel will not move with the speed chosen by me with the fade-time fader. What is strange is also, when in “only mode”, that the fade-time on the tilt-channels works in one direction but not in the other.

I have assigned the pan and tilt channels for the joystick and the joystick is working fine. I have tested with a few different Comscans and the problem is the same.

Anyone heard of the issue before and what can I do about it?

Kind Regards
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Thank you for your quick answer.

I had did a lot of testing and believed that there was nothing more I could do before I found out one final way to do some testing and this solved the problem.

What I did was: I assigned the pan-high and tilt-high to the correct channels: channel 1 and 2.
My fixture does not have a fine channel and uses 5 channels, starting from channel 1.
I then assigned the pan-low and tilt-low to channel 9 and 10 which is not used by my fixture.

So the solution is: Not to assign pan-low and pan-high to the same channel. And the same with tilt.
But what is more interesting is that you need to assign a low channel even if your fixtures don’t have one.

Does it make sense?

Kind Regards.

One last note: my box is a “Botex” box but I bought it as an “Elation”. I believe it is the exact same box but Botex don’t have a forum so I asked in here instead because I was wondering if this was a general problem with these boxes, hope that is okay. Maybe the same "bug" is also on the "Elation" boxes ?

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