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I'm trying to chase down a problem on a DS250P with a tilt error. The light will go thru the initial start up routine a couple of times and then give a tilt error while the fixture then starts continually and quickly bouncing off the physical limit stop.

I checked and adjusted sensors at first . No change. I didn't notice anything obvious with the sensors. I did notice a bad capacitor on PCB0093B (C 11). I replaced that cap but no change in the error. 

Oddly, one time after several failures and adjusting the optical sensor, the light worked normally. I assumed that indicated a problem optical sensor. I then did nothing but try restarting the fixture and the problem was back. No amount of adjustment changed the problem. In the interim I'd ordered a new optical sensor. I replaced that when it arrived, and still no change in the problem.

I also put a different magnetic sensor in it from another DS250 and still no change... The problem remains.

I don't even know if the C11 cap would've ever had an impact on the unit's tilt in the first place and whether it's a coincidence or clue?

Any help is appreciated.



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