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I have 3 identical fixtures in my setup. I've build a fixture page for one of them and have programmed all the scenes, switches, chases, etc that I want. I now want to duplicate the fixture and just change the DMX address saving myself hours of redoing everything.

When I click on the fixture I want to duplicate and select PAGE --> DUPLICATE from the menu bar at the top, I get a copy of the fixture and adjust the DMX starting address on the General tab, but the Scenes don't produce any DMX output (verified on the ouptus screen). On top of it, if I click the cycles it starts controlling the fixture of the one that I copied instead of using the new DMX channels.

What am I doing wrong or does Compulive not allow you to do this?

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so when you go to page settings and in the general section you change the output address? As shown in the picture below circled in Red?

In the picture the channels are outputting as they should but if you duplicate a page you will want to go into this setting on the duplicated page and change it to the 2nd fixtures address. This SHOULD work. However I am not 100%
yeah, I did exactly what you said thinking too that's what should happen but no such luck.

One interesting thing, which I'm not sure matters or not, but when I edit the page settings and select the 'Channels' page on the fixture I copied I get a listing that I can expand (has the little '+' symbol that when you click on it expands to show the channels). On the copies I don't get this. The channels are just listed. If I click on the 'Test' box and use the slider for the copies I can see the midi output for the correct channels changing, but for some reasons all the scenes and cycles buttons don't work on the copies.

Not sure if it matters, but I'm running an older version of Compulive (Sep 29, 2009 release 1 SL2048EC). Is this a bug that was fixed in a later version? I'm hesitant to upgrade since I have a show thursday night and I don't need my light show to get all messed up. Any other suggestions?

Thank you!

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