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I just purchased Elation's Compu Live software and serveral American DJ Dynasty Scans (along with outher lights), but was a little suprised to find that there is no pre-loaded profile in the scanlibrary.

I am very, very new to software-based dmx control and not confident that I could write a good profile in the editor.

So does anyone know if ADJ/Elation has writen .ssl that's availble for download?

(Otherwise, I'm considering returning the fixtures and going with something different).

Thanks for your help!!!
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hey welcome to the forums. now don't get discouraged too easily now! the dynasty scans are a simple fixture. and the aspect of making a profile for em is not hard. in fact it should be pretty easy. i too use compuware and i have had to build my own profiles before snd those were hard! i might be able to possibly make one or you but it relly could eat up some of my time. let me know what you want to do. peace! jingles!!

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