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let me start by saying the system im referring to is actually Martin lightjockey.

the desktop pc we were using to run martin lightjockey decided to crap the bed after we tried to install some other led lighting.

theres a few problems going on here but i guess my first question would be, does elation or obsidian service products in canada

thank you in advance to anyone helping me out

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Ok so to start, we were running martin lightjockey on an 18 year old desktop pc. So old that it was running windows xp, and it didnt even have wifi or hdmi on it.

Some of the bulbs from our older shiva chaser lights were discontinued so we installed and addressed some new lights.

Obviously, somewhere along the lines, there was some sort of error with the information input into the computer on our end that basically short circuited all the other lights, causing them to either kind of go haywire or stop working, intermittently. The kicker here is the old computer we were using finally kicked the bucket so its resting rn at the local computer repair place.

Im looking to get a new pc and a current copy of lightjockey so i guess i need to know how in depth is the customer service here? Id hire a lightjockey rep to come install these or perhaps they could help me remotely? Either  way, help

Hi! ok I understand. One thing to consider is since it is so old more than likely it won't work on the Windows 10 machines, but here is a full breakdown of all of the compatible products and their lifetime cutoff/discontinued point
notice that we do now sell a modern Lightjockey Kit, it includes a new LJ only USB license that is required to enable up too 4 DMX outputs from the included 2x NX-DMX USB interfaces in the kit.
If you do go with windows 10 machine, you will need this new kit, as the older hardware is not support past certain versions of windows if you see the linked forum post above.
Let me know if this helps a bit answer some concerns?

Hi, if you can still start the older Martin Lightjockey program you can create a User Backup file.
Go to User menu at the top left of the program window, then select User Libraries, then click Create Backup, follow the prompts and save the backup file somewhere you can find it easily and even maybe in a folder on the desktop.
From there you just need to use the restore option in the new LJ install and it should bring all of your patched fixtures over and cues etc.

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