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My church has been working with the Magic 260 for just less than a year. It has been working great and then the day of our Christmas Eve service it froze up on us. The board turns but none of the sliders work, can not select scenes or fixtures. Does anyone know if this is an internal problem of the board. Thanks for any help!
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We have turned it off and that nothing for us. The display comes up normal but I can not go in and add fixtures or select scenes. When I go into the menu to select fixtures, I can get all the way to where you select the fixture with Wheel #2, but the wheel does not respond. Also, we knew something was wrong when used the main fader and nothing responded. I could tell the board was trying to communicate to the lights because when I shut the board off the digital display on the lights would blink. If I turned the board back on the digital display on the lights would stay constant.
I hope this all makes sense. We are pretty new to the whole stage lighting community so any advice is helpful. We run (14) LED lights, (4) Par Spots, & (2) Pin Spots. All of these light had profiles that were already in the board so they will not be hard to set back up. I was just hoping I was overlooking something before sending the board back for repair.
Thanks for you help.
Well, it may be fried and need repair but my questions were aimed at seeing if you could recover it (and assumes the data may simply be corrupt). You could try and download the v1.09 firmware update and apply it (if not already running 1.09) to see if that brings it back and you can also try and restore your configuration as well (via ULink), again on the chance the memory is corrupt. I hate to say it but chances are it is a hardware issue. I would simply try these 2 suggestions just in case...


If you can not add or select fixtures you've lost your light fixture profile.  If the internal battery dies (small round battery like in a watch) and you turn power off you'll loose this profile.  ULink (upload) new profile.  Can find instructions on Elation support Downloads. 

If the 260 cycles and does not load/boot up, then its a firmware issue.

If firmware is corrupt and 260 not responding:

Press and hold function buttons 1, 10, 20 and 24 and turn this unit on. Then send firmware file for the Magic 260 with the u-link. If you need firmware 1.04 (1.02) send message.

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