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Greetings All,

I have just got a Magic 260 to control 4 Mac 250 Kryptons, 2 Mac 300 washes, and some LED pars for a band that I work for. It seems like it will serve my needs very well, there is just one thing I can't figure out. I must be missing something simple or be misunderstanding what this actually does because it seems no one else has posted about it. That said, where in heck do you record these preset points for the movement effects engine? From what the manual says, it seems like there are 18 programmable points that will become the center point of whichever of the six movement effects you choose. This way you could have one where the lights hang out around the stage, another where they move around the dance floor, another where they all are based around the lead singer, etc. This seems to me like a great way of programming since it is way less time consuming then making a bunch of individual scenes and programming shows from them, and when I tried to do that the movements seemed jerky and not really what I was looking for anyway. The way I've started programming is I just went to where you set the x and y offset points (select fixtures/record/enter) and made the lights face the front of the stage, put the effect on, and saved the movements as scenes. This will get me by ok for now, but it would be a whole lot cooler if I could use different points for the centers. I don't see anything in the manual at all about how you might set them. If I am misunderstanding what this function does could someone please let me know, or could someone clue me in about how to record these points? Apologies if it's the simplest thing ever and I'm just missing it. Thank you all for your time and help, it is much appreciated.
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I would like to know that also! I bought a Magic specifically because it could store scenes that call up preset XY locations. I never got it to work though. It usually ends up overwriting the XY locations and my lights end up pointing all over the place.

I can share my notes though (I used fixtures 2,3,4,5 and memories 7 thru 24):

Recording an X/Y Preset in a Scene
2 Fixture #[2,3,4,5] Red LED Flashing, Fixture values shown on LCD

4 ENTER LCD shows 'Please select preset (1-24)'

5 Memory #1 if screen shows "preset 97"

6 Memory #[7-24] X/Y should slew to preset location (1-6 are movements)

7 RECORD Green LED Flashing

8 SCENE Green LED Flashing

9 DATA WHEEL #4 (page) 1-24 LEDs show scene memory used

10 Scene #[1-24]

11 If re-write, press OK/YES

Setting Location Memories 7-24 for a show

2 Fixture #[2,3,4,5] Red LED Flashing, Fixture values shown on LCD

3 Move Joystick to position spotlight
5 RECORD Green LED Flashing

6 ENTER LCD shows 'RECORD FIGURE MENU 1.Record Circle'

7 DATA WHEEL to 5 LCD shows 'RECORD FIGURE MENU 5.Preset Point'

8 ENTER LCD should show X/Y points

9 Memory #[7-24] LCD shows "...Overwrite?"

10 Knob #3, "Yes"

11 RECORD to exit recording step 7 above, I guess you would turn the data wheel to the movement you want, but not to the #5 option "preset point".

If that can help, great - but no warranties are expressed or implied. Odds of winning are ?

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