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HI, hope someone can help with this. I am running compuware 06 with the 2048fc+ box and i have created a lighting intro in easyshow and created a video to go along with it. i am running the video through a numark dual dvd system with the avm01 mixer. the question i have is how can if possible make the video trigger the light show to start at the same time . right now the way i am doing this is by hitting the button to the video at the same time i start easyshow and its always off by a second or so which throws the show off completley. it really needs to be synced toegther to look right. Is there a way to hook up the laptop to my video system so that when i hit the video button it starts the whole thing up and running.
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Ok if it does have time code which i woudl guess i would have to call numark to find out about what kind of wire do i need to hook up to the cd player and were on the elation box do i hook it up to or do i run it through the laptop i am using and if so from were and the wire type i need . or if i have to play it from the computer can the video file be projected full screen so that it looks proper on the video screens its projecting to. Sorry if i don't sound to savy about this program been using it for a bit and while the new manual is pretty good it still does not explain all the features it can do and except for here i don;t know of any other place to find out this type of info on it.

Does anyone out there know what kind of device i can get to hook up this to make it work. I am using the following a toshiba laptop to run the compuware software. My video system is the numark avm01 mixer dvd 01 dual deck and avm 03 screens. i run my sound into my regular dj mixer which depending on which rig i go out with it could be the dennon dnx900 or the rane ttm57sl. so what i do is run the master from the avm01 out to one of these mixers to play the audio from the dvd that is playing and need to sync it with the lightshow and john lopez sadi to do this with midi time code but know of this equipment has a midi interface on them excpet for the compuware so how can i make the software reconzie the audio from the dvd and sync with the lighting intro i created.

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