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Hey all,
I'm a drummer by trade and our guitar player is moving out of town after six years of playing together but, I figure this ives me an opportunity to try something new.

I've always been interested in the light show and have recently purchased used an Elation Scene Setter 24, two dimmer packs, two trees and eight Par 36 cans (to add to an existing 4 light rig).
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Hi Mattrix, welcome to the forums. Don't feel bad about being new, everyone has to start somewhere, somehow, and at sometime. We will be more then willing to help in anyway we can.

Yes, you most certainly can. Unfortunately, I don't know how lol. John or Jingles would most likely be able to help.

If I get time tomorrow in the office, I will check out the manual real quick. You should too, bunch of helpful info in there.
You'll need to create your own programs to limit the number of channels/lights being used.

Here's how to program a chase.

1) Change the mode to "1-24 single"

2) Enter record mode (press and hold record button and tap buttons 1,6,6,8)

3) Create the first step of your chase using sliders 1-12. Press the record button and the display should then read step 001. Create as many steps as you need to complete your desired pattern. The controller will continue to display the number of steps you've created.

4) You now need to assing the created pattern to a flash button underneath faders 13-24.

Press and hold record, then press and hold the flash button. Release both buttons and your chase should now be saved (keep in mind that you have 4 pages to choose from, so make sure that you realize what page you're on).

5) Exit record (press and hold record and tap exit)

In case you do not like any of the patterns that you have created, you can always erase all memory and start off fresh. To erase all memory you must be in record mode. Then press and hold record and tap buttons 1,4,2,3 in sequence.

Hope this helps
Great, thanks for the help! We're in the middle of a nasty snow storm in the east so now I have time to play. I've read a bunch of these and I feel like you guys must get sick of explaining the record functionSmiler

My next question is this.

I have a T16F, and two DP-DMX4B dimmer packs, I've plugged them together and some very strange things are going on. Namely, channel one controls not only my left yellow light (through one DP-DMX4B like it did before) but ALSO controls the speed and steps of a chase that is going on with just the T16F lights.

Is there a way to make these three packs "communicate" with one another? Or, do I need another DP-DMX4B to make them work together.

Once again, thanks for the help!
The T16F works a little different from the Dp-Dmx4B, so you'll need to assign each pack it's own address.

The T16F uses 5 channels of DMX and is automaticaly assigned to channel 1 when placed in slave mode. Raising slider 1 to value 255 will allow you to have control of the 4 channels on the pack using sliders 2-5.

The Dp-Dmx4B will need to start at channel 6 (dip switch 1,2 and 3 to the on position). You can assign the same address to the third dimmer pack and control them together or assign it to channel 10 (dip switch 2 and 4 to the on position) and control them individually.

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