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More and more I find myself fixing  and doing repairs on lights. I am keen on finding non-working lights and  repairing them. Does Elation have a parts manual? with prices would even be better. .  Searching the internet for this information is an excrutiating and time consuming experience.

Thanks in advance

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So there is no catalog with parts and prices. I am fixing quite a few elation lightss of late, and it would be great to have a source that lists al the parts of the opti tri white or the paladin panel.   Or is the only way to know what parts is on a 360 dartz is to access elation parts online. Sometimes there are scant parts listed

Hi Rob, I am Rob too but go by Robbie. I had bought a couple Image Pro 300s some years ago, and shelved them because of the gobo discs being so expensive. I did sell one years ago, so all I have is this one. I have 3 extra lamps. I tried firing it up and nothing happens. That is unless I hold down the rest button inside the projector. But when I release the button she goes back of. Fan works fine whenever the switch is turned on. Should I install another 300W lamp, or do you think there might be a short somewhere? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also looking for a good source for custom GOBO discs. Thankyou for taking the time to read this.  ~~Robbie~~    E:

This is definitely a rest switch that is recessed when the unit is working
properly, then pops out to "flush" when the is a short. It has a fuse next
to it that looks OK. And another fuse that seems to protect the lamp
itself. It has never been used, and is a beautiful instrument. Thankyou Ela!

~~Rob Orizino~~ PH 315 960 1774

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