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I spent today programming scenses for 4 plat 5rs using the 17 channel profil on the product page. I'm trying to get the color scroll to snap to the next color instead of scroll but can't get it to respond. There is a button in the profile labels color snap yet it does not seem to function. Also is there a gobo snap?
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In the office they used the 17 channel mode ssl profile for the platinum spot 5R. I made that profile.
Today I got a platinum spot to play with and i have used both 17 and 24 channel mode profiles for Compu show which is ssl2 and both the gobo's snapped unless i had the special channel set to color and gobo any. I'm sorry but it has to be something lumidesk is doing or something else that I am unaware. Like i said check the values your outputting if there is a dmx monitor window.
ok, I'm just now finding time to work on this issue. I think I need to clarify what I'm wanting to make sure we're all on the same page.

Let's say my first color is white....and I want my second color to be magenta, which should be somewhere on the other side of the color wheel. When I play the scene back with a fade time of 2 or 3 seconds....another more than 0...the colors snap from one to the other until it reaches the magenta. If I select the color scroll option then they evenly scholl from white to the next and so on until it reaches magenta.

I want it to be able to snap from white straight to magenta.

I've tried a new version of lumidesk and I have tried the 24 channel profile and still get the same function.

Here is a video of what my setup is doing.
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If it is on a color wheel, there is no way to make it snap from white to magenta unless they are right next to each other in the color wheel. If you don't want to see the scroll, you need to write a blackout scene to allow it to change colors once it is blacked out. Just one of those things you have to think about and realize in the back of your mind if you want a cleaner look.

Now if you are looking for it to scroll through, I don't think the PS5R has an indexing option for the color wheel, it just snaps to the position. Try turning on split colors and it might be a bit smoother, but will still snap between split, full color, split, full color, etc.
Originally posted by CMB:
Bada Bing Bada Boom....disabling the color fade did the trick. The way those buttons are configured I didn't even notice it, or I might have figured it out on my own. I'm glad it was a simple fix.

Thanks to everyone for chipping in.

I was. I wanted it to snap from color 1 to color 5. with the fade time enabled on the color the color wheel would scroll to the second color for the length of the fade. Now it snaps to the second color half way through the movement.

So before, many of my programs looked like just a scroll through all the colors, like a rainbow. Now they won't look like that and will just look like color changes.

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