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Is the activity LED flashing? What type of controller are you using? Can you try setting it to Artnet and trying Artnet to see if Artner works? Make sure you set the net mask to match your controller? Also make sure your port settings are set as well. Specifically port status, net and pricinpal. Please try out Artnet and let us know if Artnet works. 

Artnet is working, kind of. Here is an overview of where I'm at:

The activity light is blinking rapidly, almost solid. Previously it was occasionally blinking but not rapidly.

-enode IP is with subnet of

-Vista/Controller/Computer IP is with subnet of

-Port 1: STATUS= Out, MODE= Single, FRAMERATE=30, NET=001, PRINCIPAL=001, SECONDARY=009

-Port 2: STATUS= Out, MODE= Single, FRAMERATE=30, NET=001, PRINCIPAL=002, SECONDARY=010

According to the Port Status display on the enode, Port 2 shows network connectivity while port 1 does not.

The enode shows up in Vista as connected with a Sub: 0 and Uni:1, assigned to universe 1.


I have control of fixtures in universe 1 when plugged into port 2 of enode.


I have not had any success with sACN. I ultimately do want to use sACN instead of artnet.


@Rafael C. what was the resolve here? I’m having the same issue, but with an enode 4.  I assigned port one to universe 1, port 2 to universe 2, port 3 to universe 2, and port 4 to universe 3.  I have two home runs on universe 2, so that’s the reason for two ports on same universe.  In vista, my fixtures are showing up as being patched to port 1, but on their separate universes.  It doesn’t specifically mention that it’s port one on the node, however I am getting fixtures on universe 2 and 3 controlling fixtures on universe 1.  Not real sure what’s going on here.

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