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I am not yelling at anyone I am just so unbelievably lost and confused I cant even tell you.

I am attempting to connect my SD3 to my computer via the monitor software. I have successfully installed the monitor AND backup software(s) on my computer and both are able to load. ALSO, I have checked that the USB to RS232 adapter drivers are up to date and functioning.

I believe my computer has labeled the adapter that I purchased and am attempting to use as COM Port 3 (as identified through windows computer management). Obviously this poses a problem as the monitor and backup software only give the options for ports 1 or 2 (neither of which show up anywhere for some reason.) do I go about swapping this around so that I am able to make this work. OR am I just completely %^$#'ed? Please someone help me out here. I am trying to get this happening and am only getting more aggravated with what I hoped to be a fantastic investment. Thanks guys.

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OK, I managed to swap ports so that now it is located on port 1. Now when I attempt to connect using the monitor program it says "Attempting to communicate with the Show Designer" and after a second fails and says "Show Designer not responding". I am starting to worry this may be a console issue.

On the console when I attempt to load the software Mr. Ypparila sent me via the CF card, the console reads "Data Error 10: Reinsert Card" and freezes, preventing me from doing anything without recycling power. The card is less than 2G and formatted with FAT. I am able to load fixture profiles with it, but not software.

When I attempt to go through the COM port to load software I am not even able to get to the point where it should say "Receiving New Software", let along clearly confirm the console is even connected to my computer. Please help.
Charles, I suspect that your trouble with the RS232 converter can be fixed by using a null modem cable between the converter and the SD3. In the manual it explains why you need this type of cable between your PC and the SD3, so if your converter is setup to look like a PC com connector, this will fix it.

Regarding the software update file, can you email me a copy of it back so I can see if it is getting corrupted somehow. Try to copy it right off the card so I can see what is getting sent to the SD3 directly. I checked the email attachment I sent and it looks good, so something might have happened to it while sending or after.

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